My work recently came to an abrupt halt due to problems with IIS Express and Visual Studio 2015. I’ve been playing about with the new MVC Core framework, creating a new web project was fine but one day I came to debug as normal and I was confronted by an error message of:-

Filename: redirection.config Error: cannot read configuration file

As most people do I searched the net and tried all sorts of suggestions but none worked. Almost at the point of giving up and wiping my machine, I gave it one more search on the net and I found something here after scrolling way down the page I got to a comment regarding “appcmd list site”.

Even though Visual Studio 2015 uses IIS Express 10 I figured it was worth a go despite it being about IIS Express 8… So I tried the command and it said couldn’t read the file (as expected), but it did give me the location it was trying to read. Which was on some UNC path not the ‘%userprofile\documents\iis express’ path that I was expecting. So I reset the “userhome” setting with this newly found value, restarted Visual Studio and I was back in business! Phew!