I should have left it alone, but I went and decided to finish the water cooling on the desk pc. I’d done the CPU side months ago but I’d left the GPU side (mainly because I was lazy) to do later on. Anyway to cut a long story short I went for it and apart from a screw problem which required a quick trip to B&Q (a hardware store for those non U.K. readers out there) to pick up a screw extractor tool, it seemed to go fairly well. Checked for leaks and it all looked good, left it ruining for a while and still all seemed great. But of course it wasn’t, I’d failed to spot the waterblock itself very slowly dripping down onto the motherboard! To be fair it was hard to spot as my motherboard had thermal armour or shielding on it and it was under that. Check out these pictures…

It’s a bit hard to spot but to the right and in between the ram slots is a little drop of red cooling liquid. Not obvious straight away? Anyway I hadn’t spotted this and I proceeded to reattach power etc and I pressed the power on and just a few lights on the motherboard lit up but nothing else. Suffice to say when I realised I quickly disconnected the power and released a series of obscenities with much vigour!

So here we are with possible dead machine by faulty waterblock. I’ve purchased some alcohol isopropyl and after deconstructing all my previous hard work I’ve just finished cleaning the motherboard a few minutes ago. I’m not holding out much hope but I will let you know how it goes either way. The lesson I think here is always mistrust your waterblock and do a separate fill test on its own before blindly connecting up to your loop! I’d then have spotted the flaw in the block and could have just popped back to the shop for a replacement (which I should still be able to get for the waterblock at least). Don’t learn the hard way like me… especially if your motherboard has thermal shielding 😥

So here be dragons indeed. Am I going to give up on water cooling? Heck no, it’s how you learn from things like this that matters. Well, that and the assumption you still have enough cash to buy some replacements!